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  • Бесплатное продление номера до 3-х часов²
  • Бесплатный ранний заезд с 11:00²
  • Cкидка 10% на меню рестобара «SeaZone» ³
  • Бесплатные 30 минут бассейна в утренние часы ⁴

² - при наличии возможности.

³ - на основное меню, кроме спецпредложений.

⁴ - ежедневно, кроме санитарных дней.

Room description

A senior suit is a king of our hotel. This room combines the best qualities of other rooms in our hotel. You can enjoy glorious panoramic view out of your window. The modern interior and comfortable furniture are for your delicate taste.

You can not only stay in the senior suit, but also hold a meeting. We are always glad to see you and your friends!

The breakfast is included in the room rate.




  • от 30 m
  •  Double bed
  •  A bathroom
  •  Air conditioner
  •  Free Wi-Fi
  •  Free toiletries
  •  A hairdryer
  •  A telephone
  •  TV
  •  A safe
  •  A tea set
  •  Fridge

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A senior suit is a king of our hotel. [...]

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